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Thread: Cool applications

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    Re:Cool applications

    ProFTPD A great ftp server. Very easy to configure, pretty secure out of the box, very secure with a little extra work. And here's a book about it

    Something I stumbled over while I was searching for a php based web front-end to a mysql database:

    OpenDb it's a very elaborate database front-end for music and video databases that supports library-like features: You check-out/check-in items, check items for availability, reserve them,... If you have a few friends you're regularly sharing books, CDs, videos,... with this might be interesting for you.

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    Re:Cool applications

    How the hell was OpenOffice missed? Really the only rival I know for MS Office suite.

    Also, I just found this one today. Developed by IBM, but available for free, it's Eclipse.. Not 100% sure of all it can do, but from playing with it for half an hour or so, it makes a HELL of a Java IDE. Implemented in GTK2 as well, so it's functional and purrrrdy at the same time. Can't go wrong.

    EDIT: I just read a little more on Eclipse. Looks to be big...real big. Does anyone know more about this than I that they can add? It would seem it aims to be a "universal tool platform." Apparently there are projects going on for a C/C++ IDE, Cobol IDE, and many more. Explore the's most worth it.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Any thoughts on a section for cool apps links? Maybe (shall i dare?) LJO members rating for the proggies?

    This is such a cool thread, why not make it a permenent part of LJO?

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    Re:Cool applications

    [quote author=flashingcurser link=board=2;threadid=5187;start=30#58993 date=1044032773]
    Any thoughts on a section for cool apps links? Maybe (shall i dare?) LJO members rating for the proggies?

    This is such a cool thread, why not make it a permenent part of LJO?


    What a terrific idea!

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    Re:Cool applications

    Yes! One thing newbies need more than anything is help on picking apps. Good, consise reviews would be a great help.

    This could be a service that sets LJO above the rest!

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    Re:Cool applications

    i was thinking of turn this thread into a PET or maybe a series of PETs, but keeping this sticky so we don't loose place of it. the rating system s a very nice idea, that would be up to cloverm as i have no idea on how to implement bb stuff.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Agreed. I'm constantly giving advice to my friends who are transitioning on good apps. Fantastic idea.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Tried to get apt-get for RH8.0 but it does not install. It just sits there after I hit the enter key.

    rpm -Uvh apt-*

    What am I doing wrong?

    Also can someone share a good link to download the synaptic <SP> gui for apt-get? I must be stupid cause I could not find a good download link.


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    Re:Cool applications

    you may have hosed your rpm db. Thats an easy fix.

    First ensure that you cannot do anything with the RPM db. If you cant (like a sudo rpm -q --whatprovides mozilla ) then you need to do ::

    sudo rm /var/lib/rpm/__db.*
    sudo rpm --rebuilddb

    That is two underscores in the delete command, BTW

    Then retry the apt-rpm install. I see that you may have gotten this far from you other thread. If so, read my answer there. If not, when you get there -- use that info. That is the full howto on apt-rpm.

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    Re:Cool applications

    http://amsn.sourceforge.netAmsn - looks nice, needs a little work, but a nice msn client in general

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