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Thread: which is best for me?

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    which is best for me?

    hi i need linux for my c programming and Unix/linux classes in school (first year graduate computing) i have a cyrix 266 64mb ram, s3trio 3d/2x, sb64gold (its ISA bought it back in 97 i think, 2 gig hd. for c i mainly need vi editor this year and for linux, i wont be using the graphic part this year (im going to install one off course, i think gnome) i have linux redhat 6.1 gnu here, at school this version is used too i believe. can anyone give me some advice on what would be best for me and maybe a link to an 'installation guide' ( i dont think my cyrix can boot from cd, so i need a program called lilo, right?)

    will this pc run good enough or should i search for a faster one?
    many thanks in advance

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    Re:which is best for me?

    i had no problems wqith a amd k6 166 and 64 MB of ram with debian 3.0 or redhat 6.2, so you hardware should be fine.
    Here is a link with more manuals than you can shake a stick at:

    yea, you will need LILO and possibly you may need to make a boot disk.

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    Re:which is best for me?

    6.2 was pretty good for its time. It was the last RH I had before I switched back to RH 7.2 until RH 7.0 pissed me off pretty bad. Too old though. If you can, get the latest one ( RH 7.2 was pretty decent ) since Red Hat just released 8.0 a few days ago.

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    Re:which is best for me?

    I had an older Cyrix PR166 (a 133 Mhz clock actually). I ran Slackware 96 for some time. It ran pretty well on my hardware. I had it with 32 MB ram (for a bit then 64) and a Diamond Stealth 2100 (2MB) and a ess audio card. Nothing fancy. I would say go with even the newest release of whatever -- but get a low powered WM like IceWM or Fluxbox instead of KDE or even GNOME. Plus just to make sure, check and see what support your vga card has. You may actually be fucked into using XFree3.3.x instead of the revamped XFree4.2.

    But For noobs, I would reccomend Slackware or RedHat if you are looking for a good free download, or SuSE too if you are willing to spend a few bucks (like 40 for the personal and 80 for the pro)


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