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Thread: printf like function

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    printf like function

    how do i make a function that gets a format and any number of arguments and then puts them together? like the kernel has printk i need a error() and die() that use printf format but do some different things.


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    Re:printf like function

    What you need is a variadic function, together with vprintf (unless you really want to parse the format string yourself). Here is an example they I have shamelessly ripped from the GNU libc manual which seems to be along similar lines as to what you want to do.
         #include <stdio.h>
         #include <stdarg.h>
         eprintf (const char *template, ...)
           va_list ap;
           extern char *program_invocation_short_name;
           fprintf (stderr, "%s: ", program_invocation_short_name);
           va_start (ap, count);
           vfprintf (stderr, template, ap);
           va_end (ap);
    Example usage from libc manual:
           eprintf ("file `%s' does not exist\n", filename);
    starg.h gives you the macros required to deal with variable numbers of arguments.
    The "..." in the function definition defines the function as having a variable number of arguments from that point.
    va_start sets up a pointer to the first argument.
    vfprintf uses the format string supplied plus the argument pointer to do the business.
    va_end signifies that the argument list is finished with.
    I imagine that program_invocation_shortname thing needs sterr.h.

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