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Thread: Greatest threat to the future of GNU/Linux

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    Greatest threat to the future of GNU/Linux

    See our front page poll.

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    Re:Greatest threat to the future of GNU/Linux

    okay - i messed up - it should be TCPA / Palladium not the RIAA for option 1, the RIAA is an association, not so much legisaltion - but they still suck!

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    Re:Greatest threat to the future of GNU/Linux

    A percieved lack of ease of use vote here. A lot of home users are still in fear on Linux as a home OS.

    Im working on that, but there is so much this geek can do...

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    Re:Greatest threat to the future of GNU/Linux

    I agree, with the preceived lack of ease in use. If a person has zero experience with linux/unix and choose the wrong distro to get their feet wet with then it could sour them on the whole experience. It is my opinion that first impressions I.E. the installation process scares off many would be converts.

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    Re:Greatest threat to the future of GNU/Linux

    Where is the option for GNU/Hurd?
    Seriously, I chose other. The UNIX way of doing things has it's flaws. Sooner or later someone will think of something better - if it's done as a free software project, who knows what might happen?

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    Re:Greatest threat to the future of GNU/Linux

    You can flame me and spite me all you want for te following opinion but after using linux basically exclusively at home for over a year now and from being a part of the community for that period of time too there is only one major impediment. The users.

    While a large percentage of the users (i include developers in this catagory too) are good people a large part of our attitude sucks. Animosity towards other distros/OSes, manufactures, other users, etc is very rampant and greatly hurts the linux community. I have used a few other OSes in my short computerr time and I have to say none have let me down. I harbour no ill will to MS, Apple, or whoever. Really whats the point I don't use those OSes at home anymore so why should I care what they do or what their users say.

    Someone just trying to make the transition to linux can get really put off by this attitude. It is immature, etc.

    getting mad a newbies for the manner of their posts, their syntax, whatever..... dumb. If the newbies piss you of then what the hell are you doing here? Really do you need you ego stroked or what?

    Elitist or cocky attitudes that Linux users have too just suck. Woohoo (sarcastic). So have lots of other people. Aswell the majority of the computer world doesn't give a rats ass cuz they happily use some other OS. It is great to annouce successes to the Linux community but don't think you are King s**t cuz you have linux and your friends don't, likely they don't care.

    Getting mad at manufacturers is pointless too. Linux is a rerally small small part of the computing universe and for many large companies it is not worth the undertaking to make drivers, etc for the few extra customers they will get. I am not saying don't try to nicely convince them they are pissing away a potential million or two sales.

    Most of all Linux users are dumb if they never mention that making the transition to linux may not be easy. It is isn't but it is not a horror either. If you have friends warn them that Linux is great but it requires that they get their hands dirty whether they like it or not. I was aware of this before i ventured down the road and it help a great deal. It helped more than the actual users did sometimes.

    Okay that gets the gist of what i wanted to say across. To you user may not rank very high as an impediment but if you take a few good steps back you view may change.

    Flame or spite if you like it is just an opinion after all.

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