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Thread: turtle beach santa cruz

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    turtle beach santa cruz

    I have the Logitech Z540 spearkers, and running mandrake 9.0. I can only hear sound from my 2 front speakers, and my Turtle Beach Santa cruz sound card doesn't seem to be supported by mandrake. Can anyone help me figure out what drivers I can download to get everything to work? Currently my soundcard is listed as Cirrus Logic (crystal clear sound fusion audio acceleator) in the mandrake control center.

    thank you

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    Re:turtle beach santa cruz

    i am pretty sure mandrake 9.0 would use alsa drivers in anyvent - it looks like you may be out of luck on getting all 6 outputs working from what i saw in the alsa project... see here:

    thre is a link to the turtle Santa Cruz and then look at the 'Limited ALSA support link.

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