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    WIn Modems


    Is it possible these days to configure PCI modems (win-modems) on Linux machines?? Are there any drivers for those modems??

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    Re:WIn Modems

    It depends on what modem you've got, and which Llinux you're running.
    I have an internal PCI Winmodem (Etech Bullet), supported only by Win98 - it doesn't even work under WinNT.
    This modem works perfectly running RedHat 7.2 or Mandrake 8.2.
    I just installed Slackware 8.1, modem is detected but I haven't tried it yet.

    If your modem doesn't work today, chances are good it'll work with next version of your Linux - Linux adds hardware support for each new version, Micro$oft removes suppport for each new version.. :P

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    Re:WIn Modems

    Take a look at this site for Linux compatible modems:
    A lot hangs on your modem's chipset.

    edit: bah! broken url

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    Re:WIn Modems

    I got a conexant HSF modem to work with slack 8 using a driver I downloaded from the conexant site.

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    Re:Win Modems

    Thanks Guys....

    Apriciate your help...

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