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Thread: Ignorant about monitors

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    Ignorant about monitors

    I am thinking of replacing my current montor with an LCD monitor. Right now I have a NEC Multisync FE700. I am a moderate gamer, and of course need something that runs under linux. Are LCD monitors worse than traditional monitors, the same or better. Really, I am in the dark here and am not afraid to say that i don't know diddly squat about displays.

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    Re:Ignorant about monitors

    See this link:;threadid=791. cloverm bought one. You will need a video card that has dvi output or some kind of dongle that will convert between the two types of input.

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    Re:Ignorant about monitors

    Ok let's pretend that money is not an issue and that I'm rich beyond belief (remember, we're pretending here). Can anyone recommed a good LCD monitor in the 17" to 19" range?

    Actually, I just got a promotion, and to celebrate I'm upgrading my box and everything else along with it, most of which has not been upgraded since 1999.

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    Re:Ignorant about monitors

    I'm very happy with the Viewsonic VG171b. Whatever you get, make sure it has DVI input. That $50 or whatever you will have to spend on a video card with DVI output is well worth it.

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    Re:Ignorant about monitors

    From what I've seen in the last 2 years (that's how old my rig is) I've yet to see an LCD that can compete with my CRT. I haven't checked out anything in the last few months so they might have caught up by now. IMO for the money to performance and appearance get yourself a nice 19" Samsung with .20 dpi horiz and .24 diagnal DPI. Should run around $300. I've got the 17" model.

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    Re:Ignorant about monitors

    [quote author=cloverm link=board=3;threadid=5033;start=0#50015 date=1032393489]
    I'm very happy with the Viewsonic VG171b.
    A friend of mine owns 2 of those. As far as LCD's go you can't go wrong with that one.

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    Re:Ignorant about monitors

    I'll have to agree with ASCI_blue on this one. I'd personally go with a good 19" CRT unless you don't have the space. You save money, and I don't even think they perform better than a good quality CRT, but correct me if I'm wrong. They just look cool, but aren't yet woth the extra money.


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