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yup, thanks dude I did get stupid there for a minute... anyway I had to give up because nvidia didn't make a driver for mandrake 9.0 so I blew the dust offf my mandrake 8.2 and for some unknown reason it will not install, it locks up now and it never did that before, so weird ???

Um what are you talking about no driver for Mandrake 9? Download the .tar.gz and compile them. I run ut2003 and many other games on Drake 9 no prob at all. Theres a very easy readme for them on the nvidia website, basically like 3 commands and you'll be fragging away!

Please feel free to tell us what other "many" games you run on Linux

Let me guess, you run FreeCiv and Solitaire and TypeSpeed, and oh.....Tetris :/

Gaming on Linux is very restrictive, you play only what is available for Linux. How awful.

Get an XBox, it rocks!