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    How can I connect 2 Linux machines? To share dirs and so.

    I could see all Windows/Linux machines browsing to My Network Places / [workgroup] on a windows machine.

    How can this be done with Linux only machines???

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    There are several ways to do this in Linux. The two ways I find easiest are as follows:

    1. NFS. NFS is the native *nix network file system which allows you to mount remote directories as if they were local parts of your filesystem (think mapped drives in Windows.) Depending on how you want to set it up, you can run NFS servers on each Linux machine or just one to swap files back and forth.

    Here's an online howto:

    2. SSH. SSH is the secure transfer protocol which replaced telnet as the preferred way to access remote systems, since everything in SSH is encrypted. If you're running sshd on each of your Linux machines, it's as simple as using scp (secure copy) to copy files back and forth. It works like this:

    scp filename hostname:/directory/directory

    For instance, if I was copying a file called example.txt to my second computer called moloch, it would be:

    scp example.txt moloch:/home/chris

    scp is great for doing individual copy operations, especially when you're copying things like .html files and what not to a remote web server. NFS is easier for when you just want to share files within your own LAN.

    Hope that helps!

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    Honestly, the easiest way to accomplish the equivilant with linux only is to use samba.

    There is nothing wrong with that and it will give you the same functionality as the net neighborhood.

    Otherwise, NFS is your answer. I assume that these are local machines, on the same net. NFS is a bit tedious to set up and you have to get the fstab just the way you want it, but I think it is worth it.

    Like kungfu said, scp and ssh are great tools, I rely on them every day, but they dont allow any gui type visals you are likely used to.

    If you want all this to be encrypted, try SHFS.


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