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Thread: scanner problems....

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    scanner problems....

    I was getting my scanner to work again... and I was writting a pet for setting up a scanner. But for some odd reason when I run xsane. The scanner scans for about 1/2 inch then xsane segfaults... Anyone got a clue why xsane might segfault?

    BTW a while back it was perfectly...

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    Re:scanner problems....

    hey gmoreno,
    id ya upgrade it recently? what is occuring when you it segfaults?

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    Re:scanner problems....

    right when it scans about an inch it segfaults.. Thats with the newest sane and xsane

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    Re:scanner problems....

    opps! sorry gmoreno, i read that....

    what resolution are you scanning at? if pretty high try reducing t.

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    Re:scanner problems....

    I tried that already and that didn't seem to change anything...

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    Re:scanner problems....

    any more info - like is any spit out to the console?

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    Re:scanner problems....

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=1;threadid=5141;start=0#50850 date=1033182751]
    any more info - like is any spit out to the console?
    I wish but nothing else comes up in console...

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    Re:scanner problems....

    okay - i assume you are starting it up in a terminal...

    is there a core dump yopu could look for?

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    Re:scanner problems....

    I'll check when I get home but I think I will also try a different front end... Maybe

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    Re:scanner problems....

    how is it going gmoreno?

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