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    Laptop nic

    My first laptop running linux ... first laptop-related problems:
    When I do ifconfig I see only loopback interface, but there is Xircom pcmcia nic on the laptop, when I run kudzu it doesn't discover new hardware, neither does reboot.
    But when I remove-insert Xircom nic I see beeps and some lines on the screen saying 'adjusting latency' ...something like that.
    When I go to the Control Panel > Hardware Browser in X I see Under network devices:
    Cardbus Ethernet 10/100, so it looks like system has knowledge of this device but doesn't display it in ifconfig....

    What do I miss here? Some readme.txt I forgot to read?
    If this is the case, please refer me to one.... :-)

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    Re:Laptop nic

    I just went through this myself. You have to go through and manually setup the nic just as you would if you had instalelled it as a pci card. Go to the system network device control settings in x and you can select and configure everything from there.

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    Re:Laptop nic

    You may need to mkae sure your kernel provides support for both PCMCIA card (which I guess it does, because it notices the ejection of the card) and also a driver/module for the specific card. Or see if the manufacturer has a driver for it.

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    Re:Laptop nic

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