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Thread: Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    I saw you werent too impressed with RH8 according to your post over at .... What was wrong with it? Id like to know what people dont like about both....GO DRAKE

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    Well, I am currently posting from drake 9 on my pos laptop. Overall, pretty clean. I think it would be my choice for newer linux people, but overall not a bad distro. The install stage was clean and simple. I think it is a decent setup overall. Redhat 8 was mostly (as i said in the other forum) mostly just an Eye-candy upgrade. There was nothing really worthwhile (for me anyway) to make me want to upgrade from 7.3, which I think is one of the best releases Redhat has came out with.

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    good info people!

    i think i will try out rh8 when i get a chance - i want gtk2,

    btw - what is the mandrake move to a 9.0 revision for?

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    Why drake 9?

    KDE 3.0.3
    That other ugly DE 2.0
    GCC 3.2
    2.4.19 kernel
    Redid all the drake tools (drakconf, rpmdrake, printerdrake, etc)
    Alot of little fixes here and there

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    wow - cool, thanks Rick!

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    After spending the better part of the weekend testing both out I have to give the nod to Mandy at this time. Both had very easy installs and excellent user tools. I liked the look of Redhat out of the gate more than Mandrake but that was not enough to keep it on the box. The two things that stick out in my mind are Mandrake comes with my favorite icewm and webmin which I used to config my parallel port scanner with about half the effort that it usually takes. One other thing that I noticed is in the rendering of menus. Mandrakes appeared to be cleaner for all WM's I.E. all parts disappear when they are supposed to and not have remnants left over while scrolling through the menus, noticed this in the KDE desktop. Other than these few items I think that both companies did an excellent job with these releases. The last challenge is to decide which I like better Mandrake9 or Libranet. For the time being I will stick with Mandrake.

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    [me=rick420]thinks mmiller9 is a smart man [/me]

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    Drake all the way ! ;D

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    I have tried both and prefer Red Hat 8. Being the newbie that I am... my opinion might not carry much weight though. I didn't dislike Mandrake 9, I just prefer Red Hat.

    My friend and fellow newbie, let's call him Bill, was about to give up on Linux untill I replaced his Mandrake 9 with Red Hat 8 and installed apt and synaptic.

    Just my two cents...

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    Re:Mandy 9 VS. RH 8

    anyone like Suse more than Drake and RH?

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