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Thread: Mandrake question from new convert

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    Mandrake question from new convert

    I'm new to this forum and to Linux as such, so please excuse if this has already been brought up.
    I've installed Mandrake 8.1 (download edition) on a desktop PC and it recognised all the hardware nicely. However it keeps reporting that certain files are missing. Today I tried to connect to the network using DCHP and I was instantly greeted with the message that the client/daemon was missing (while TCP works fine). Am I missing the point, or is this particular distro lacking in certain areas?

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    Re:Mandrake question from new convert

    Welcome to linuxjunior! on to the question at hand - now this distro should be fine but it is a bit dated, i think mnadrake 9.0 is out now and that version is about a year old. In any event it should have no difficulty beeing assigned an IP address by dhcp. What files does it day it is missing?

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    Re:Mandrake question from new convert

    Yes, could you post us the exact error messages you're getting?

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    Re:Mandrake question from new convert

    I used drake 8.1 download and went OL with
    cable modem and dhcp and the internet wizard
    builtinto drake.
    so what to do?
    i would # whereis missing.filename
    and if the files really are missing,
    use another machine to dl the missing files
    from OR
    get new distro cds from, typical price
    $3 per distro. dont let problems with one distro
    hassle u too much - id try a newer drake or redhat.

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    Re:Mandrake question from new convert

    Or perhaps for a quick try, make sure dhcpcd is installed:
    # rpm -q dhcpcd
    If it is, then try:
    # dhcpcd -h `hostname`
    And see, if you are offored a new IP.

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    Re:Mandrake question from new convert

    Thanks for the replies.
    Yes, my version of mandrake is a bit dated. I'll try the 9.0 version and see how it goes.

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