well I haven't noticed anything significant or even minor. then again encoding at vbr 10 really reduces the chances of loss at all since you are creating files that are a minimum 10 MB. their reliablity at lower rates is about the same as mp3. Personally I really do think oggs in general do produce much better quality than mp3 at all rates (in my case 128 (as a test) to over 500 kbps).

i never expected a quality change BTW but to me oggs sound better.

Another thing...i wouldn't be so quick to ditch the cds life of manufactured audio cds is about 25 years which makes them a very good archivable music source (better than a server's hdd) and their sound will ALWAYS be superior to compressed music.

(PS you are lucky to have the ability to put tape to hard drive. If i had had that ability I would not have lost (probably for good) my favorite recording of Albinoni's Adagio In G Minor which is probably my most favorite piece of classical music in the world. I still need to find someone locally that can record my mother's lp of neil young's album Old Ways he will not be putting this fabulous piece of work to cd which is a crying shame because it is one of the best pieces of work that he ever did and possibly any Canadian musician has done. Well with the exception of Oh Susanna of course.)