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Anyone who tries to rip Rush should get segfaults :P

Whats wrong with Rush ??? And I bet next, you are going to tell me beer is bad for my health, cigarettes cause cancer, and diet soda is better for me than regular.... Stop trying to confuse me. You are just jealous because the voices only talk to me.

well personally i dislike rush always have always will. just thought they never had any talent any good sound and so forth. beer is good in moderation but not in the quantities you drink ever hour, cigarettes do indeed increase your likelihood that you will get cancer and is one of the reasons i wanna quit, diet drinks are about as good as Rush which is why you drink them almost as much as beer. :P

oh and you can have the voices they were driving me nuts.
[/quote]Yeah, but Getty Lee was really funny with the Mackenzie Brothers: "Take off, eh!!"