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Thread: String/Char Array commands ...

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    String/Char Array commands ...

    I need a quick refresher on some C commands that act on strings or char arrays ... what I have is a GPS unit connected to my machine, and I want to manipulate some of the raw NEMA data ... can anyone help me on what C commands to use for the following:

    Assuming that the data from the GPS comes as a char array (or a string, but i'm almost certain a char array), i want to create a data structure that parses the data ... the data is deliminated by field, i.e.:

    <location><direction><velocity>& lt;etc...>

    is what will be passed to me ... now, given that its a char array, how do i extract these specific values? Assume that the location field contains to floats, and that the direction and velocity are doubles.

    I know this C functions exist for this, I'm just not familiar with them, thanks!

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    Re:String/Char Array commands ...

    can you give an example of the type of string this would be? is it space seperated?

    In C there are no strings, just char arrays or char *'s which are the equivilant to a string.

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    Re:String/Char Array commands ...

    int parseIndex,start,end,tempParse,indexCounter;
    for(parseIndex=0;parseIndex < MAX_PARSE_ARR || arr[parseIndex]!='\0';parseIndex++)
    something like that wrote it quick prolly some semantic faults.

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