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    jedi outcast

    Has anyone gotten Outcast to run in wine or is there some binaries out there like quake to make it work? Just wondering. ;D

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    Re:jedi outcast

    ok, guess no one else know either. I saw it posted in another site that it would install under wine, but I wasnt sure about the quality of people there. I will let you all know if I find something.

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    Re:jedi outcast

    Yeah, I saw some people having trouble with it, but according to codeweaver's db, it should work with wine/winex. I would just love a native version though...

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    Re:jedi outcast

    Yeah a truly native linux version would be mondo sweet. I could free up my windows partition (9Gb) for more linux stuff then. I tried to get it to install under wine and it did not work at all. Kept trying to find the windows/fonts folder. I guess it would work alot better if I had windows installed at the time. I got it installed now(windows on the same hd), just have to have time to try it.

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    Re:jedi outcast

    i had purchased winex from Transgaming and i was very pleased with there work its worth the 3 month membership if you are really hardcore about linux gaming. I ran half life, rtcw, counter-strike and worms just fine. But i'd say save your self the headache and leave the gaming to M$. Now i read on there forums that Jk2 ran well on there current release (this was months ago) so maybe if you fanagled with there free binaries you could have better luck, they seem to be the most advanced with wine when it comes to catering to the 3d community.


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    Re:jedi outcast

    I've had great luck with the CVS of winex. I got it just after winex 2.1 had been released. Warcraft 3 runs fine, max payne works fine, I had a little problem with Halflife, but I didn't really care that much. If a program uses directx 8.* get the latest CVS and see how you go. I only have windows installed so I can do my math assignments now. I have 2 programs which I can't quite get working, but as far as games go, wine is great. One thing I would have to say, is don't let it detect your actual windows partition. Set it up with a fake windows c. It made things work straight away for me.

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    Re:jedi outcast

    CP -- you hit the target. Dont use a real windows partition. Anything that relies on the registry wont see it. Wine uses a fake registry to hold the settings. Thats why MS-Office will not work uner anything but a wine full-install. Alot of games are similar. I had about zero luck with wine+windows partition. Dont waste your time. Just try the install. Some games have know workarounds for getting a windows installed game to run on wine, and I reccomend checking the winehq DB to see what the spiel is before doing anything.


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    Re:jedi outcast

    I play Jedi Knight 2 all the time using winex with no problems

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