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Thread: network question

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    network question

    I don't know if I have to post this here or in hardware
    but here's the case
    I have 3pc's at home currently they are setup like this
    pc1=>pc2 pc3
    => connected to each other by network

    can I put 2network cards in pc2 so it's like this

    and pc1 is the pc who connects to the i-net will pc3 then be able to get online to ?
    any good docs for my probs and specially how to configure it
    greetz kemu

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    Re:network question

    Yeah, it would mean setting up nat on pc2 so that pc1 and pc3 could talk. .. but yeah. The best way to do it is to grab a cheap hub for <$50 and hook up each pc to the hub and setup each pc with appropriate IP's

    For example, here is an example IP strategy -> PC1 -> PC2 -> PC3

    And each pc would of course get jacked into the hub with a regular cable (no crossover).

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    Re:network question

    You're probably using crossover cables to connect the two computers. You'll need to get just straight cables to plug into a hub. (It's possible to fix the one you have now, but you have to know what you're doing and have crimping equipment.) And I bet you can get a hub for about $20. You can buy a whole ethernet kit (hub, 2 cables, and 2 network cards) for about $50. If you don't have a card in the third machine, I would do that since you're going to need all of that stuff except maybe one of the cards (you can have a spare or sell it for about $20) and it's cheaper all together than for a card, three cables, and a hub.

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    Re:network question

    Grand Aardvark Kenshi:
    You can buy a whole ethernet kit (hub, 2 cables, and 2 network cards) for about $50.
    Where would you suggest finding this kind of a deal?


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    Re:network question

    walmart has a decent kit.

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