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Thread: IRC channel

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    IRC channel

    I logged in to the official ljr IRC channel and it greeted me with a plug to the high-on-linux forum set by Ralinx. I mean if they want their own forum it's fine but they shouldn't use the ljr channel to advertise it. Is that ok with you cloverm?

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    Re:IRC channel

    I rarely visit the IRC channel and believe or not I have absolutely no control over it. It was set up by Ralinx and/or Lovechild and they still have the admin rights, I don't. The only thing I could do is to open another channel with a different name and make that the official LJR channel. What do you guys think? :-\

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    Re:IRC channel

    I don't think it is a big deal. Most of the people here go to that IRC channel already, and opening another one would force members to "choose sides."
    I haven't been to High on Linux. I am planning on dropping by sometime. I am not leaving LJR, because I find it a really nice forum.
    I was there last night. I spoke to Ralinx and Schotty and PBHarris and TerG and some other people. I got help with my XFree86.
    AFAIK anyone can change the topic there. I guess my point is, I don't think it is a good idea making such a confrontational step. That channel is still #ljr, not High on Linux. The fact that those members are not here does not mean they are not friends.
    And AFAIK there is nowhere that says that you can't be in LJR and HoL at the same time.

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    Re:IRC channel

    Interestingly enough this is what's going on right now:
    Ralinx> Muza: don't change the topic to stupid crap nobody cares about anymore please
    <Ralinx> no matter what brittany says, we don't care
    <Ralinx> heh
    <Muza> Ralinx stfu
    <Ralinx> xcuse me?
    --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Ralinx
    <Ralinx> wanna repeat that?
    <Muza> stfu
    <-- Ralinx has kicked Muza from #ljr (You're not welcome here!)
    <Ralinx> oh i've waited a long time to do that
    --> Muza ( has joined #ljr
    <Ralinx> wanna try it again ?
    <Muza> dont turn this into lno...
    <Muza> or AA
    <Muza> if people dont like the topic, they can change it.
    <Muza> its the way it was on opn, its the way it should be here.
    <Ralinx> if u wanna change the topic, add ur stuff to it
    <Ralinx> but don't take all the other stuff out of it
    <Ralinx> just take the existing topic, add || and then add ur crap
    <Muza> no..when i did it, the topic was just about blank.
    <Muza> if not completely blank
    <Ralinx> trust me it wasn't
    <Muza> i think it was somthing about insert topic here or somthing
    <Ralinx> no as a matter of fact it was the same topic it is now
    <Ralinx> i know because i set it
    <Ralinx> so anyway, if u wanna change the topic, just add ur stuff to it
    <Ralinx> but don't clear it
    <Muza> we.
    <Muza> it wasnt anything to do with
    <Muza> i wouldh ave left that there
    <Muza> have even
    <Ralinx> yea whatever, just try not to clear the topic anymore
    <rick420-work> come on guys
    <Muza> k...whatever
    <rick420-work> happiness
    <rick420-work> go download drake 9
    <rick420-work> relax
    <Muza> rick420-work good idea
    --- Ralinx removes channel operator status from Ralinx
    --> mountainman ( has joined #ljr
    <Ralinx> hey mountainman
    <mountainman> greeetings all
    <Muza> brb.
    <mountainman> how is everone?
    <-- Muza has quit (Quit: BitchX: its not your ordinary stick of gum)
    <Ralinx> everyone is chilling at
    <Ralinx> hehe
    --> Muza ( has joined #ljr
    <mountainman> isit
    <Ralinx> no just
    <mountainman> checkin it out. Im bored at work. figure the odds huh
    <Ralinx> mountainman: the channel for it is #hol
    Seems like they are trying to pull LJR members away. I don't think it's right.

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    Re:IRC channel

    I understand what you say. But I see it the same way I see couples:
    If you have a partner/girlfriend/whatever, she should stay with you because she wants to, not because she doesn't have any other option.
    I think people should stay at LJR because they like it,, not because they don't get to see propaganda from other places.

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    Re:IRC channel

    I agree with trickster. I think that we just have to make/keep LJR a place where people like to come to for help. Hopefully I made the necessary changes to solve the issues that made some people leave.

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    Re:IRC channel

    Although I didn't liked at the beggining the idea of the new Off-Topic forum, I see the merit on it now. I think it was a good approach.

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    Re:IRC channel

    Ralinx wanted me to post this:
    <Ralinx> for your information
    <Ralinx> we are not trying to get users to leave LJR
    <Ralinx> some people just wanna know where some of us hang out know, so we're just letting them know
    <Ralinx> copy/paste that to LJR if ur not a hypocrit
    <Ralinx> the board i mean, not #ljr

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    Re:IRC channel

    I saw Ralinx on the #LJR, and he asked me to post this, I am assuming, as being the reason for the HoL link being on the banner:
    Ralinx says:
    Some people just wanna know where some of us hang out now, so we're just letting them know.

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    Re:IRC channel

    oh, I guess you beat me to that, Kavarogep.

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