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Need large Tux picture!
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Thread: Need large Tux picture!

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    Need large Tux picture!

    I'm repairing my old car, removing rust and all that...
    When I'm finished I'll have a very nice, white (almost...) car - and of course I want it decorated with penguin decals!
    I've got a printer, I've got plastic paper - but no big Tux picture!
    I've got dozens of penguins stored, but they are all very small, resizing them just gives ma a blur.
    So could someone please post a large Tux picture, approx A4 (letter) size?

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    Re:Need large Tux picture!

    will this do?

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    Re:Need large Tux picture!

    Geez... That thing scared the hell out of me

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    Re:Need large Tux picture!

    Thanks pbharris, it sure will do!
    I'm gonna have the most beatiful car - if I just can get that printer working...

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