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Thread: how to burn .iso

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    how to burn .iso

    I was wondering how I should go about burning .iso's onto a cd/r, and what linux programs you reccomend I use. I am currently using Mandrake 8.2. Also, is there anything I should be aware of as a newbie?

    thank you

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    Re:how to burn .iso

    Either e-roaster or Xcdroast would be good to use. Both are very gui, and easy to understand.

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    Re:how to burn .iso

    damn thats a fast reply...thanx

    I downloaded redhat 7.3 and a few other distros off When you click to download, you get download links for 3 install disks, and two for SRPMS' I have to download the SRPMS's too?

    thank you

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    Re:how to burn .iso


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    Re:how to burn .iso

    You dont need them, but if you plan on doing development with specific packages (like becoming a developer for ... Kmail for example) you can pick it off the cd at your leisure.)

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