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Thread: Problem - Microsoft Windows 2000 - Linux.

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    Problem - Microsoft Windows 2000 - Linux.

    Okay I just got a laptop for work. A nice one too.

    Problem!! comes with ms win2k software that i must leave intact for no reason other than the fact that i am supposed too,

    it has two partions, they call it C and D - which i assume match to /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2. Backing up D is not a problem. I need to destroy D, create at least three partions where D was, and put the data bvack on D. D happens to hold user profiles, kinda like the /home partition i guess.

    How can i do this? when i nuke the D partiton i won't have an account to log back into.. can i temporaliy move the profile partition like one can in Linux?

    remember i am *stupid* when it comes to MS stuff. I have not used it much since win95. oh sure i ahve installed it a few times and had to putz with a 'registery' and networked it to a Samba server...

    and you better believe i have root access!!

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    Re:Problem - Microsoft Windows 2000 - Linux.

    You can back up the data on the user's profiles. I am not sure of the partitioning schema they did, but by default, user profiles go to c:\Documents and Settings\username. You can save that folder and restore it later. However, you need to restore it to wherever Windows is installed. As I said, I am not sure what partitioning schema they made on it.
    Now,before you do anything, where is the Windows directory? Usually C:\Windows or D:\Windows. If you erase the partition that has the Windows directory, Windows is gone, accounts and all.

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    Re:Problem - Microsoft Windows 2000 - Linux.

    thanks trickster! i am goona nuke it soon

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    Re:Problem - Microsoft Windows 2000 - Linux.

    Ok! Keep in mind that, if you delet the Windows directory, you will have to recreate the settings and the accounts!

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    Re:Problem - Microsoft Windows 2000 - Linux.

    Well, lately many of the system admins will put the user data and profiles to separate partition than where Windows is for preparation to re-installing of Windows OS often and future upgrades. So when they have to reinstall Windows often ( which is usually the case ), then all they have to do is load it to C partition and done... No need to create user data again since they are in separate partition ( D in your case ).

    But you can also nuke it and recreate it. Back up all data, use re-partitioning tools such as FIPS or Partition Magic, recreate drive D, restore the data and you should be on your merry way for installation of Linux on your lappy.... Windows won't even see you have Linux and so is your system admin ( unless they check the drive tools and see there are some unpartition disk space ).

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    Re:Problem - Microsoft Windows 2000 - Linux.

    i think i am gonna go with partition magic - so much for a user frendly sys to admin. I freaking hate win2k....

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