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Thread: Interesting routing question

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    Re:Interesting routing question

    Schotty the guy you need to talk to is illusion over at se he's the routing guru, if you post the routing question in the networking forum on se he'll be able to answer you with some authority, as he's a major cisco/linux/bsd routing geek.

    On another note we did get everything talking over your bridge right? Now it's just a matter of getting everything talking over a specific pipe.

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    Re:Interesting routing question

    HEY!! Its Elmore!!

    Welcome back fella!

    The bridge is running PERFECT. Again thanks for the FAQ. I have been pointing people over there for good tips like that for some time. The gateway, since my boss is not very adept in this area left it to me. I have yet to figure out how to get the thing to route the email, hence why I built the bridge. It works actually better this way. I have a much simpler time writing the firewall rules.

    Now what I need to do in some form by February (I think... it was five months from whenever I posted this originally). We got a nice head start on this. We need to use specific software soon to start connecting to even more remote servers for data transfers. The only sane way to do it is either make ANOTHER gateway or make my boss use that and the server that requires access to go thru as well. Or figure out this routing issue ;D

    But thanks, I'll talk to illusion and see what he has to say.

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