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Thread: BSD Kernel under Linux...

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    BSD Kernel under Linux...

    Would it be possible to compile a BSD kernel under linux?

    If so, how?

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    Re:BSD Kernel under Linux...

    I really doubt it without using BSD libs. It would be interesting though if you could compile it and then point LILO to it. FreeBSD does have Linux emulation and ext2 support after all.

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    Re:BSD Kernel under Linux...

    hmm would the opposite be possible - to run a linux kernel on bsd ?

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    Re:BSD Kernel under Linux...

    Definately not. Linux doesn't have emulation for any BSD kernels.

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    Re:BSD Kernel under Linux...

    just compiling the kernel either way /should/ be feasible.

    the lilo thing, you'd have to point it to a bsd kernel loader, so it'd be like using lilo to boot windows. and sharing the rootfs i doubt would work... sharing /home or something would be fine though.

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    Re:BSD Kernel under Linux...

    Would just like to point out a few interesting ports of debian, thought it might go good in this thread...

    1. apt, and dpkg, and an entire GNU userland with the netbsd kernel..only in alpha stages and can't even boot yet but it is possible it seems.


    2. Inspired by Debian/Netbsd, only this time its combining the freebsd kernel and GNU userland.

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    Re:BSD Kernel under Linux...

    gorn is right in the fact that it would work in theory. There would be some problems because of library diffrences but you could hack the kernel to work. NetBSD or OpenBSD kernels would probably be eiser to work with because they are smaller than FreeBSD's.

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