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    OS X 10.2

    I was wondering if anyone has installed 10.2 yet? I got a copy from a friend and wiped out eveything on my drive and just installed 10.2, I don't run classic anymore. I am not sure what I think yet. I love all the new features but it seems that certain apps will hang for a few seconds then (for lack of a better term) "unhang" and keep working. My MT newswatch ( newsgroups client) does this and so does IE. Well I can expect IE to but not my news client. It worked perfectly on 10.1.5. I have a 450 G4 cube though. Might be an issue. Anyone else have issues?

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    Re:OS X 10.2

    I haven't gone up to 10.2 yet. don't have the $$ to purchase it. I missed the rebate cutoff (for purchased machines) by like 2 weeks. I was _NOT_ happy.

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    Re:OS X 10.2

    Wait, Ender, Schotty said you have an RPM for courier MTA. I have had problems with the install from source. Do you still have that RPM?

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    Re:OS X 10.2

    I might, but I could also help you make rpms yourself of it. The .spec file is included in the tarball, and it's really easy to make the rpms.

    Just check out the FAQ at for how to make RPMS as non root, it should explain it all. Make sure you have the rpm-build package installed. rpm -q rpm-build


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