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Thread: Counting desktop Linux users is impossible

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    Counting desktop Linux users is impossible

    IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzky is one of the world's most quoted individuals when it comes to counting computer operating system use, especially Linux. But when you come right down to it, he's no more certain than anyone else just how many people use Linux as a desktop operating system.

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    Re:Counting desktop Linux users is impossible

    Wouldn't an easy way to count how many desktop linux users there are be to create a website or tracking system that counts how many people visit a page with a linux distro?

    I don't think it matters if someone uses Linux just as a server, because when they do that, they aren't using it as a desktop (usually).

    Also, since almost everybody uses their desktop PCs to surf the net at one point or another, I can't imagine how this proposed system could give inaccurate numbers.

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    Re:Counting desktop Linux users is impossible

    Cloverm...thanks for the article. It was a fascinating read. It almost gave me a headache trying to figure out just how many instances of desktop linux usage there really are.

    Frith...first of all, tracking that kind of information in the way that you have suggested would run into privacy concerns. Very few, if any, web surfers are going to want someone to track what os they use, let alone the possibility that additional information is being collected for commercial reasons (spam). Secondly, if you are referring to one website that people would automatically go to that would trap that kind of information, that is why we have linux counter. People are not going to want to volunteer to go to a site just to be counted by way of a cookie. If they did, then I am sure that they would just register at linux counter.

    Your suggestion is not without merit, mind you. It's just that I don't see people wanting to give anymore of their privacy up than they already have. This type of site would do just that, I am afraid.


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