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Thread: I might have crossed the line...

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    Re:I might have crossed the line...

    Dosent tea have more caffine in it than coffee ?

    Why not just chew on a tea bag? there is no mess it's in a nice little bag. ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:I might have crossed the line...

    *Steps up on soapbox*

    A brief History:
    Coffee Usage in the US goes back to the Boston Tea Party. After the colonials threw tons of the stuff into the bay, thereby ruining it, but giving a huge buzz to thousands of fish, They realized that they would need to find an alternative to tea to teach the mean British a lesson. This is why coffee is much more poplular in the US than tea. Typically, over 9 Billion cups of coffee are consumed in the US annually. Coffee has even been blessed by the pope. But in general I think that the caffeine levels are about the same. Here are some ruff measures from a webpage somewhere. :-\

    Percolated just over 100 milligrams (mg)
    Nonautomatic drip 142 mg
    Automatic drip 151 mg
    Instant, freeze dried 66 mg


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