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Thread: Acrobat reader plug-in?

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    Acrobat reader plug-in?

    I recently installed Acrobat Reader and created a sym-link to it. .pdf files are now viewable, but I am curious if there is a way (as Netscape sort of implies!) to install Reader as a plug-in such that .pdf's will display automatically within the browser. I know this is the case with Windows/IE/Reader and info at Netscape make me think this is possible on Linux, too.

    Currently, when selecting a .pdf web link, I get a prompt to 'open with acrobat' (I setup this file association) or 'save to file' rather than automatically viewing within the browser.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re:Acrobat reader plug-in?

    coping the pluggin file into /path/o/mozilla/plugins does exactly what you are talking about for me. acrobat reader 5 and mozila 1.x

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