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Thread: CD Burning software recommendation

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    Re:CD Burning software recommendation

    K3B (or KIIIB if you wanna go by the logo), looks like the best burning app i've used so far. I think it needs KDE, so if your not a KDE user this could be a problem, and i just opened it to check, it does have multisession support.

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    Re:CD Burning software recommendation

    why not take a look on freshmeat or something there are a ton of apps out there. Even the interactive console apps can be pretty good

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    Re:CD Burning software recommendation

    go with arson, i just bought a 40x12x48 lite-on and this works no problem as soon as i realized what i was doing wrong.

    plus arson does straight mp3-cda, well it has to decode it but it does it then burns it to cda right after which is sweet. arson is on freashmeat as well.


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    Re:CD Burning software recommendation

    I've done the searches. I've got info on lots of pacakges and have the old maximum linux cd that came with the issue that focused on cd burning. Gonna try xcdroast since that one seems to have gotten the best reviews all around. But is there anything I should look out for during Debian Woody's install. Mostly is there any specific kernel info I should watch out for. The rest is simple enough to follow.

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    Re:CD Burning software recommendation

    Well, USB and SCSI is the easiest to get going. USB generally shows up as a SCSI drive to the system. And linux works best on SCSI hardware. Now for IDE, EIDE and such, you need to have ide scsi-emulation enabled. There is a CDR pet here, and that can detail how to get your system to do that -- its not that difficult. Other than that, its pretty much click and go! Some apps require root access to do the actual burn, others do a suid to the cdr tools to allow it for normal users. But if you used CDR-Win, its pretty much the same. Perhaps a bit simpler.

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    Re:CD Burning software recommendation

    Gcombust and the CLI are nice.

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