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Thread: Joystick install

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    Joystick install

    I'm trying to get my Interact ProPad to work on RH 7.3. I added the modules to the kernel, and then loaded them, but for some reason it will not use it, or even assign a device to it. Here's my 'lsmod' readout. (Well, a few lines of it )

    joydev 6912 0 (unused)
    interact 3384 0 (unused)
    input 5792 0 [joydev interact]
    gameport 3488 0 [ns558 interact]
    cmpci 33236 1 (autoclean)
    soundcore 6500 4 (autoclean) [cmpci]

    I'm trying to use it with my C-Media 8738's gameport. What am I missing, or forgetting to do? The ns558, I probably never needed, just recently loaded it in.

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    Re:Joystick install

    hehy budy budy buddy!!!

    load analog instead of interact

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    Re:Joystick install

    ok. Now what? This is what I have now.

    analog 8800 0 (unused)
    gameport 3488 0 [analog]
    input 5792 0 [analog]

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    Re:Joystick install

    what happened to ns588 ? anywho - what does jscal /dev/js0 give ya? assuming your joystick is at /dev/js0

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    Re:Joystick install

    jscal: can't open joystick device: No such device

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    Re:Joystick install

    Thanx pbharris! Just for anyone who wants to know, I did a 'modprobe analog', 'modprobe interact', 'modprobe joydev', then did a 'jscal /dev/js0', and all was good.

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    Re:Joystick install

    Oh, and 'modprobe ns558' might help a bit. :P

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    Re:Joystick install

    Thanks. Your ideas got me to figure out how to make my gamport work. Instead of insmod, I used modprobe. And then tried KK's order.

    Again thanks. It will be nice to play games that were intended for a joystick on a joystick ;D

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