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Thread: respawning problem

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    respawning problem

    I am running Lycoris (beta 50). I installed Texstar'kde3 rpms as per his instructions but when I rebooted it goes as far as starting desktop and then on top of the screen it gives error....
    Id Gu respawning too fast..distabled for 5 minutes

    How can I overcome this problem? Please help.

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    Re:respawning problem

    i am guessing you are running a login manager and it can't start up KDE3. What you will need to do is make it such that you don't need to make it boot straight to console. i have never used lycoris but i am hoping that you can enter 'linux 3' at the login screen to get to the console. from here type startx and see what happens, hopefully there will be plnety of error messages.


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