Well I haven't gotten my little catch with printing in WordPefect 8. In Mandrake I used cups with ghostscript and used the postscript passthrough in WP. However, in Woody it uses cups with gimp print. Though it does print the pages fine, it always spits out one extra page with garbage at the end of the job. Oh well. Anyway I ran into a problem and found a good solution. But you have to do the solution before you make the problem (totally confused? Follow) I tried using the WordPerfect driver for my printer. Needless to say it was no good. But I ran into a problem. I was printing out page upon page of two or three lines of garbage, spit th epage out and do another. I ran into this before. Thought in Debian it would work this time. No go. Problem is there was No way to stop this. AND I MEAN NO WAY! (at least no normal way) The file showed as already processed in localhost:631, the kde print manager showed no print jobs processing or waiting to be killed. And qtcups listed the printer as idle. But here it was spitting out crap. So I turned the computer off (shutdown nothing drastic) and turned off the printer and even unplugged it for a while. Well plugged the printer in, and turned it on.It initialized came on ok and sat there. No pages getting spit out, just sat waiting for a job. So I turned the computer on. It was going fine through the boot up until it initialized cupsd. Then it started all over again. even lpstat didn't show any jobs to be killed. So I wondered how the hell to get rid of this print job. It was stuck somewhere. Not inthe printer but in the software. I did some searches and came to the /var/spool directory. It showed listings for cups and lpr. Now the catch is that when I first got my computer setup, clean, I did a backup of the entire hard drive, each major directory at a time (boot, bin, usr (a big one) dev, and var among others) so I pulled the old dir out of the .gz back up I had created. I put it in temp. I renamed the old spool dir as spool.old (just in case) and copied the old spool from /tmp/var to /var, shut down the computer and rebooted. as the system initialized I waited for the last lines where cups came up. Bingo no garbage. Once again pointing out the value of backups. If history serves from the last time I tried to get these print drivers to work it would have gone through about 45 pages or garbage (though I just kept taking the same page and putting it back in, but it was a waste of ink) and there was no reset or kill command that would clear the job so it came to the down and dirty replacing the whole damn dir. So keep this in mind next time you get something stuck in the print que. Make the backup first.