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    I am trying to use Mutt as my maill client. But I got a couple of questions for all you Mutt aficionados.
    A) When I send an e-mail it show that it was sent from but I want it to show that it was sent from my yahoo e-mail account. How do I do that?

    B) How do I incoporate GNUpg with mutt?

    C) I have followed the docs on spamassassin with using mutt but it just dosent seem to work for e-mail that I fetch only for e-maill that the system actually recieves.

    Your help is appreciated...

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    I can help you with all your questions, and I can't see my Linux box at the moment, but...

    To change the from address in Mutt you need to change one of the lines in your .muttrc file it should look something like this:

    'my_hdr From: Your Name <>'
    Hope this helps, it's been a while since I did it.


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    Use the Muttrc Builder to easily setup your muttrc.

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    Thanks for that tips guys. I got a question.. I got an elaborate e-mail cleaning setup *I Think*. I got fetchyahoo get my yahoo e-mail forward it to my e-mail address on my mail server.. And procmail filters it with spamassassin. Now I got a .procmailrc File. It seems to clean out the spam but it dosent move it into the junk file it is supposed to. Here is my .procmailrc file can someone check whether it is correct or not?

    | spamassassin -P
    * ^X-Spam-Flag: YES
    Is there anyway I can make mutt more ansi compatible.. Because when I telnet into my box from my windows machine from my home network mutt dosent look that great it looks all deformed... While pine looks ok..

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    if you don't even look at the spam then just send to /dev/null if you want to actually be more selective then drop spam assassin and correct your /home/gmoreno/mail/junk because if i am not mistaken the M needs to be capitalized. Then just write the procmail menus for the addresses you want to filter to /dev/null. If you are like me and don't get much spam then it does not take long to set your filters up. Also i hope you created the junk folder by doing:

    touch junk

    otherwise i doubt you will get any mail at all in there.

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    I dont know what was wrong but now spamassasin is working perfectly... That's the big thing that I wanted to get to work.
    Now I should be spam free...

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