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Thread: Mozilla 1.2 Alpha Released

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    Mozilla 1.2 Alpha Released

    * Type Ahead Find is a new feature that allows quick navigation when you type a succession of characters in the browser, matching the text in one or more links on the page. To give it a spin just go to a web page, start typing and hit enter to load the selected link. You can also use it to search for any text on the page by typing / before your search text. Read the full Type Ahead Find documentation to learn about all of its features, prefs and future plans. The feature is not yet working on Mac but we expect to have that fixed by 1.2beta.
    * Selection of text in message headers has been partially implemented.
    * Drag and drop from the message search results window is new.
    * One of the most frequently reported bugs, "long strings in mail or news header cause scroll bars and attachment window to disappear, making message unreadable" has been fixed. (Bug 91662)
    * Preliminary XML prettyprinting, similar to IEs default-view for XML is now available. In this release the feature does not work in installer-builds you need to get a .zip distribution. However since the feature for now affects the DOM for unstyled XML-pages it is disabled by default. To enable it, add user_pref("layout.xml.prettyprint", true); to your user.js. (Bug 64945)
    * On Windows you can now add multiple attachments to a mail message via the Attach File dialog. (Bug 121122)
    * Major improvements to Mac OS X IMAP mail header download performance. Preliminary tests show about 2000% im
    * Text zoom now applies to framed pages.
    * Keyboard access is greatly improved including additional accesskeys for menus, other ui elements and page elements.

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    Re:Mozilla 1.2 Alpha Released

    The features I would like to see in Mozilla are as follows:

    1. Delete cache at intervals (on Windows, Mozilla has gotten a little flaky on me now and then if I don't wipe out the cache every day; if Mozilla automatically deleted cache items that were 36 hours old, this flakiness might disappear).

    User specified intervals would be a nice feature, too (think Opera).

    2. Preload user specified links.

    Suppose you went to a news website and they had a multi-page article. Wouldn't it be nice if Mozilla preloaded all the pages (and their images) that are linked to by the word "Next"? I know I'd like that feature.

    3. User info forging (I haven't had too many problems with Mozilla, but every now and then I find a site that just won't work and needs Internet Explorer; if Mozilla could pretend to be IE, things would be so much better).

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