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Thread: Web Programming on Solaris

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    Web Programming on Solaris

    As some of you know Ive spent the last couple of months working in a new position as a web developer. Well, due to corporate politics, I can no longer have a Linux webserver running on a desktop.

    I must migrate to a Solaris webserver. Actually I have the option of migrating to a Solaris or NT/Win2K/dotNET server, but its just like telling me that Solaris is my only option.

    Cutting to the chase now.

    The Solaris admins are telling me that installing PHP on Solaris is very problematic. Therefore, I need to migrate my projects to another language....

    I need options, therefore I figure I better ask the think tank that is Linux Junior.

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    Re:Web Programming on Solaris

    JSP or Java Servlets

    and no, they're not the same thing

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