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Thread: Positive feedback

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    Positive feedback

    Just got this message:
    very helpful site. i just installed rh 7.3 and am still doing a lot of research to get me up to where i can do things with it.
    was able to print several of your articles for help thanks,betty i.
    Congratulations to everyone who submitted a PET!

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    Re:Positive feedback

    Surely this is far from your first positive feedback.

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    Re:Positive feedback

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    Re:Positive feedback

    This is very remiss of me, but reading that has made me realise that I have never expressed how much I appreciate this site.
    Let me put that straight.
    This is a big thank you to cloverm and everyone else who contributes their time to this site - be they moderators, PET writers, or posters (even the trolls ).
    This place just feels right. I have tried that lno place and for some reason it just doesn't agree with me and I leave after a few minutes (don't ask me why, I don't really know).
    This site is the best

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