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Thread: compiling path question

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    compiling path question

    So when you compile where do the paths come from? Are they the defined paths in the .bashrc of the user trying to compile? I've ran into this sort of compiling problem at time, but never knew what to do to fix it.

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    Re:compiling path question

    which paths? there are paths deifned for you to use porggies, like gcc and there are pathes defined in makefiles which will setup up environments for compilesing the proggie

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    Re:compiling path question, if I compile and, let's say the path to 'test.c' is wrong, it's most likely in the Makefile? So, like in gcc, what are the paths used for? Object files and such? How would I go about changing that, if I ever needed to?

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    Re:compiling path question

    hey kernel killer,
    that should all be specified in the makefile, gcc is, while it hurts to say this, just another proggie that is told what to do by the user, and the users makefile.

    CC = /usr/bin/gcc
    CCOPTS = -O2 -ggdb
    RM = rm -f
            $(CC) $(CCOPTS) ex15_10 ex15_10.c 
    #for a cfile called test.c in a directory relatve/path from current location
            $(CC) $(CCOPTS) -o realtive/path/test relative/path/test.c
            $(RM) ex15_10 relative/path/test

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