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Thread: Used Notebook Price

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    Used Notebook Price

    I'm not interested in selling, just wondering what you guys think a reasonable price for this would be:

    Used Toshiba Satellite 2800-S201:

    192MB RAM
    6 Gig Hard drive
    8x DVD-ROM
    Celeron 650MHz
    S3 Savage graphics
    13.3" (1024x768) Display
    Yamaha YMF754B-R Sound
    Builtin modem and ethernet

    It's about a year and a half old, warranty expired, decent condition.

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    Re:Used Notebook Price

    Probably worth roughly six hundred dollars to seven hundred dollars. Notebooks keep their value better than most desktops do. For instance, a 300mhz based system will cost roughly three hundred dollars, or so. Prices vary according to where you are and what condition the screen and body are in.


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    Re:Used Notebook Price

    I'd also say about 600 to 700 bucks since Celeron based are cheaper than P II or P III.

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    Re:Used Notebook Price

    Funny, I have the slightly smaller model Satelite 4270, same specs but only a 500MHz Celeron chip in it. Added 128 megs of ram to a total of 196megs. I was offered 530$ for it, without the extra memory.

    no DVDrom in mine, only CD-rom - and only a PCMCIA NIC, none of that fancy builtin goodies.

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