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Thread: IDE slot configuration?

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    IDE slot configuration?

    Is there an ideal configuration for IDE devices, i.e. what to put in primary/secondary IDE slot, which to set master/slave?
    Does it even matter for performance or is it all the same?

    Currenty I have 2 HDs, both in Primary IDE slot, and 1 CDROM, as Secondary Master.

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    Re:IDE slot configuration?

    i don't put slow drives with fast ones on the same IDE channel, e.g. if i have a udma33 drive on the same channel as a udma133 drive i am gonna have two drives running as udma33. i think has a good article on this and i know the people at are very good with that kind of stuff if ya like details

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    Re:IDE slot configuration?

    I would personnally put the fastest hard drive as master on your primary channel, or if both of them are the same speed, it would depend on whatever your proclivities are.

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