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Thread: Grub configuration

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    Re:Grub configuration

    BTW, I couldn't find any way to make the initrd images. Seems that Slack does no have the mkinitrd executable, and I couldn't find source for it anywhere. But I commented out the lines, and it boots anyway.

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    Re:Grub configuration

    you can make a PET!! easy to use grub docs are not really easy to come by.

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    Re:Grub configuration

    I will make the PET if I get it going. I haven't had the chance to work on it yet.
    I was working on the box I am building for FaeStars, and everything seems to go fine with the RedHat installation. However, after finishing and rebooting, when the Grub menu comes up and I relect booting into RedHat, it tries to load the kernel and I get this: Error 28: Selected item cannot fit into memory.
    I have looked around the net, and though I find a description of the error, I get no workaround it. If I run the memory check at the Grub cli, it reports the correct ammount of memory.
    I have already installed RedHat from scratch twice.
    I guess that might be the error, using RedHat :P
    8)Slackware 8)

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    Re:Grub configuration


    Please? :'(

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    Re:Grub configuration

    hey trickster,
    i guess i should have read your *whole* post a couple of days ago... anywho - have you tried using LILO to boot?

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    Re:Grub configuration

    No, but I think Lilo works fine. Was just wondering about grub, because, if I install redhat on my own machine, it works fine, loads the kernel and such, and I get no errors.

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    Re:Grub configuration

    what does the grub.conf file look like

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    Re:Grub configuration

    I decided to drop RedHat for this box completely. it wouldn't load X, even with the correct config and the nvidia modules. I am loading Slack and everything seems fine until now.

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    Re:Grub configuration

    well thats one fix....

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