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Thread: init: cannot execute

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    init: cannot execute


    i had to reboot my main server. and now i boot it's looks like something is wrong when alle the daemons start to load it get this at the last position :
    init: cannot execute "/command/svscanboot"
    init: id "sv" respawn too fast : disabled for 5 min

    plz tell me how i can get rid of this nonsens
    because it's been show every 5 min
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    I think svscanboot is a service of daemontools which for some reason you have used in place of xinetd. You must be running qmail as the mta I assume.

    This error is not something to disregard, you lkely have services that are not runnng that should be as a result. You need to provide more detail though.

    Is this error after you installed daemontools?

    try this:In boot.inittab, /command/svscanboot is changed to /usr/sbin/svscanboot.

    does it look right?

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    wel i can't give more detail but i had disabled it with in /etc/inittab
    so it's oke now
    What is \'Real\' ? How do you define \'Real\' ?

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