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Thread: What does 'load average' mean?

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    What does 'load average' mean?

    I've seen that term in several places (
    being one), but didnt quite get what it means.

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    Re:What does 'load average' mean?

    it's just an indication of how busy your system has been

    those aren't absolute though... some systems under high load have a load average of approximately 2, but i've heard of systems under high load having a load average of 20 and more. so it's not at all uncommon that if u let 2 systems do the exact same cpu intensive task for a while, they may have very different load averages.

    so just think of it as an indication, but nothing more.
    if u wanna know how high it goes for your system, let it compile something for about an hour and then check those load averages.

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    Re:What does 'load average' mean?

    I once read exactly what a load average is. It's how many programs on average are waiting to use the processor or something like that.

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    Re:What does 'load average' mean?

    hmm iiirc its the time in 5 10 15 that that the cpu spends on programs its a calculated value and times how respondive the system is to the tasks

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    Re:What does 'load average' mean?

    Seems you nobody really knows

    Anyway, the theory of the number of programs waiting for CPU seems reasonable.

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    Re:What does 'load average' mean?

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