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Thread: vi : copy and pasting

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    vi : copy and pasting


    Im using vi

    can anyone show me how to copy one line and paste it somewhere else?

    what about more than one line?



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    Re:vi : copy and pasting

    To copy the current line, in command mode hit "yy", move the cursor to the line above where you want to insert the new line, then hit "p". (I think "y" is for "yank" and "p" is for "put&quot.

    For five lines (eg), in command mode hit "5yy", move the cursor to the line above where you want to insert, hit "p".

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    Re:vi : copy and pasting

    sure! use vim, to copy on line be in command mode and type v, move the curser around the line(s) you wish to copy, then when everytung is highlighted type y.

    now hit P to paste above or p to paste sfter the position you are currently at.

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    Re:vi : copy and pasting

    Heh, you didn't think there was going to be just one way, did you? ;D

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    Re:vi : copy and pasting

    well if i have vim open in a terminal i can just copy/paste stuff by selecting it with my mouse, putting the cursor where it needs to be pasted and then pressing the middle mouse button

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    Re:vi : copy and pasting

    Ralinx, just to go off tpoic a little bit, I read somewhere that there is now a kvim available (UK publication "Linux Magazine" - blame them if it's duff information ). I'm pretty sure we had a thread about this a while ago. It is not integrated into the main vim project as yet, but it looks as though it won't be long...

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    Re:vi : copy and pasting

    yup i already know about it
    i once started a thread about it on this site, but back then when i tried it it was way too early cuz it sucked. i should try a newer version soon

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