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Thread: Saving profiles

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    Saving profiles

    Is there anyway I can redo my machine and save my settings? I have everything on only one partition... Should I keep my settings if I save my home directory?

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    Re:Saving profiles

    yea! i do that everytime i backup my system, which is not too often... anywho what i do is create a tarball of my home directorty, when i untar it everything is back in place.

    e.g. for creating it:
    tar -cf pbharris.tar /home/pbharris
    gzip pbharris

    then to get it restored do a mighty
    tar -zxvf pbharris.tar.gz while at the root directory level - i.e. /

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    Re:Saving profiles

    or just do:
    tar cfz pbharris.tar.gz /home/pbharris

    or even better:
    tar cfj pbharris.tar.bz2 /home/pbharris

    bz2 = better compression
    that -j flag might also be -y or -i depending on how your distro installed tar.

    tar --help should tell ya

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    Re:Saving profiles

    Thank you, both
    *goes to reinstall*

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    Re:Saving profiles

    What about restoring your profile after you have upgraded to another version of RH? say when RH 7.4 comes around and I want to restore my profile, won't there be changes in .gnome or other things that might not be compatible with the old profile?


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    Re:Saving profiles

    there can always be changes in the way some program saves it settings

    the solution?
    rm -rf ~/.directory/where/the/settings/of/that/app/are/saved

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    Re:Saving profiles

    i never worry about it, even between distros, teh settings should work. i have used the same settings between my redhat and debian for about 2 years with only a couple of issues, and they were applciaion specific - xine was one i think...

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    Re:Saving profiles

    If you can, I would be inclined to keep a copy of /etc too. Not to restore back, but as a reference for some of those hard won configuration settings (you know, the ones that took you hours to figure out)

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    Re:Saving profiles

    I just realized the hard way! :'(
    But it is ok. I got it almost done.

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    Re:Saving profiles

    wheew, good point pam


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