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Thread: Enabling DMA for dvd

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    Enabling DMA for dvd

    I got ogle installed and working last night. The video is jerky on it however. The faq says to set one of the xvattributes, which I did to no avail. The next thing it says is to enable dma for the dvd. How might one go about that?

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    Re:Enabling DMA for dvd

    hdparm -d1 /dev/hdX (Replace X)

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    Re:Enabling DMA for dvd

    You rock dude. For explanation for everyone else, i needed to enable dma for the dvd drive. The command (as above) is hdparm -d1 /dev/hdx where x is the drive. I never realized that you could reference the cd's as a hd from the ide controller (ie. hdc is my first cd (dvdplayer), hdd is my second cd). Both are on my second ide channel. You score major guru points (as if you need anymore). ;D ;D ;D

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