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Thread: Probs with RH 7.3 & nFORCE

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    Probs with RH 7.3 & nFORCE

    Mmmk like the subject says im having probs with RH 7.3 and my lovely nFORCE chipset which means I have integrated video audio and problem is nothing graphical will work...xlogo...tuxracer and most of all xwindows...I dled the drivers off nvidias site and installed them..but still nothin works...on install it probed the video right but not the monitor even though it was in the monitor list...the video is gf2 mx and the monitor is HP pavilion m70. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re:Probs with RH 7.3 & nFORCE


    Could you post what video card you have? Is it a GEForce2?
    Also, could you post your XF86Config file? You can find it in /etc/X11/XF86Config or XF86Config-4

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    Re:Probs with RH 7.3 & nFORCE

    Which driver did you downloaded??, because AFAIK nForce dont use the same driver as the rest of the Nvidias chipset, but i think nvidia have linux drivers for nForce chipset.

    Ive found this on,

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    Re:Probs with RH 7.3 & nFORCE

    Another thing: I am in the process of recompiling my kernel. I applied the 2.4.20pre5 patch, the ac patch and the preemptive patch. One of those added a bunch of new chipset support to the kernel, including nForce. You might want to give that a try, since it may be easier than installing the driver from NVidia.

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