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Thread: Yellow Dog Linux 2.3

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    Yellow Dog Linux 2.3

    I gotta say, I have to hand it to YD for this distro. Talk about bleeding edge. It came out about a month ago, (or more) and comes stock with KDE 3.0.1, and the 2.4.19 kernel! I was surprise at how well it installed. It was also nice to see a new GUI distro that booted into the CLI again.

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    Re:Yellow Dog Linux 2.3

    hey excellent! i had yellow dog running on an imac a couple of years ago, i miss it...

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    Re:Yellow Dog Linux 2.3

    as much as i like to say that "Macs are for Sacs", ive beenw anting a laptop, buying an ibook and dual booting OS X with yellow dog seems like a valid option. i think it might be decent. i just need the $$$ :-X

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    Re:Yellow Dog Linux 2.3

    I was drooling over the new macs at CompUSA the other day. Some really sweet looking hardware. Especially the giant (and I do mean giant) $3000 flat screen monitor. The Mac was like 7K with the monitor, the beefed hardware, and the oh so sexy speaker system. The speakers are crystal clear. The only thing you see are the innards (speaker itself, wires. cable ports).

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    Re:Yellow Dog Linux 2.3

    If you don't own a Mac, I've gotta say even though it's a simple machine, it's a great experience. Yeah, the G4 systems are expensive, but there are so many PowerPC Macs out there that can be upgraded to a G4 with a grand total of a 1/6 of the price of a new one. The FSB isn't as fast, but hell, it's a G4, and you can run OSX!!!!! ;D

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    Re:Yellow Dog Linux 2.3

    I have to agree with Kernel 100%. I dropped my X86's about a year ago and never looked back. Not that X86 is a bad architecture, I just think Motorola is better. Besides the firewalls and Linux servers, I would never buy another personal machine, be it lap top or desktop, that wasn't a MAC. Even my girl has bought an ibook after playing with my cube so long. That sounded funny didn't it :-\. They are money loot but for all that style and speed. I will pay.

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