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Thread: LJR cooking challenge for September

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    Re:LJR cooking challenge for September

    [quote author=GOP Schotty link=board=14;threadid=4791;start=0#47781 date=1030814241]
    Well, howabout this:

    Avocado-cheese dip.
    Golden Tee Golf 2003 arcade game.

    I dont go to bars that much .... really ... no, really.... :

    Guiness is lovely jubly. Good choice.

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    Re:LJR cooking challenge for September

    [quote author=Frith link=board=14;threadid=4791;start=0#47850 date=1030853038]
    Here's one of my favourite meals:

    Step One: Save the bacon grease from whenever you cook bacon (this should be done before preparing the main course).

    Step Two: Get out two slices of bread.

    Step Three: Smear the congealed bacon grease on the bread.

    Step Four: Put about 5 slices of hard salami on the bread. 5 slices of any cheese in addition to the salami is good, too.

    Step Five: Put some mayonnaise between the pieces of meat (and cheese if you have decided to use it).

    Step Six: Put it all together in your usual sandwich format and eat it.

    Step Seven: Drink something carbonated.

    Oh my GOD! I can feel a heart attack coming on just reading that.

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    Re:LJR cooking challenge for September

    Here's my choice of dessert....

    all ingrediants may be used in amounts at your discretion. I am writing my preference.

    2 scoops of mackinac island fudge ice cream (vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce swirl and chewy fudge peices) and 1 scoop of plain vanilla ice cream

    drizzle hot fudge, a little chocolate sauce, and caramel over the top. (I suggest putting a little in teh bottom of the bowl as well before you add the ice cream.)

    Sprinkle with nuts (I prefer peanuts)

    Top with whip cream and drizzle a little more chocolate on top.

    Eat kinda like a dip with broken chunks of a waffle cone of krum ka ka. (Suggestion is to use spoon to put the ice cream on the chunk of whatever, krum ka ka breaks easily and if its hard ice cream so will the waffle cone peiecs. :^)

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    Re:LJR cooking challenge for September

    desert? well that would be either a joint or a cigarette

    everything that comes before the cig or joint isn't really desert

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    Re:LJR cooking challenge for September

    4 eggs
    1 cup sugar
    1/3 cream cheese (from an 8 oz pack)
    vanilla and cinnamon to taste
    1 can evaporated milk
    mix it all in the blender, prepare the caramel in the mold you are going to use, pour the mix and cook for around 30-45 minutes, in the oven at 350 C ,putting the mold you are using over another on boiling water, so the bottom also cooks evenly.

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