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Thread: hardware suggestion?

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    I'm at home visiting my parents (and doing tech support..) I just flashed the BIOS on an old Asus board (P1 166) that my Mom uses to do word processing at her office. Worked like a charm. Asus boards hold up pretty well.

    They also make nice video cards.
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    I've been using ASUS boards with AMD procs for the past two or three years. Only one I had fail was due to my own carelessness. I left a metal standoff on the base and it caused the board's 5 volt "line" to run at over 7 volts. Didn't notice until it was too late. So take it from me, when you replace a mobo ALWAYS double check the standoffs and remove any that aren't absolutely necessary.

    BTW, when I found out what I had done I made myself a "DUMBASS of The Day" award and hung it on the wall .


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