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Thread: G@H Stats

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    G@H Stats

    Hey has anyone else seen the stats for G@H? I use the one from and the stats jumped by like thousands of points, WOOOOHOOOO... almost anyway! It looks like it happened to everyone!

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    Re:G@H Stats

    Not that anyone has responded yet but the stats mix up has been fixed at statsman... Seemed to be just on his end as Stanford and another stats site did not show this same error.

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    Re:G@H Stats

    I'm hoping that if I post in this thread someone will read it and post to it without starting a new thread... anyway I was wondering if people keep track of our G@H stats and if so how are you keeping track... Stanford, statsman, etc.?

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    Re:G@H Stats

    I usually use the stanford's one since it's the official. I usually get to it from our site's DC page ( )

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    Re:G@H Stats

    Where is a link to tell us where we rank with other teams?

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    Re:G@H Stats

    [quote author=jcrowe link=board=22;threadid=4775;start=#52201 date=1034949920]
    Where is a link to tell us where we rank with other teams?

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    Re:G@H Stats

    Man, that was fast!


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